Do Eye Creams REALLY Work??

Do Eye Creams REALLY Work??
September 19, 2017 admin

You hear about them and see them everywhere, but do Eye Creams REALLY work??

Watch our short video below or read on to find out what you NEED TO KNOW when buying an Eye Cream.

So, do Eye Creams really work?? Quick answer… Yes! Eye Creams REALLY work!

IF they have a high percentage of the following ingredients:


These can actually minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles because they draw moisture from the air and bind it to your skin (these are called “HUMECTANTS”).

The others are ANTI-AGING ingredients, and preferably you will want to see these at the TOP 1/3 of the ingredients list. These include:

– VITAMIN A (aka “Retinyl Palmitate”)

These ingredients actually help BUILD the Collagen and Elastin in your skin.

There is another powerful anti-aging ingredient that you will want to keep an eye out for in the ingredients list:


Niacinamide is a VERY important ingredient in helping Collagen and Elastin production. The higher percentage of this ingredient in your product, the more expensive it is going to be, but IT IS WORTH IT!!

If you can find a product with a high percentage of both NIACINAMIDE and VITAMIN C, you definitely want those two high up in the ingredients list.

These are ALL anti-aging ingredients, these are ALL Protein-building ingredients that help your skin increase its elasticity and sponginess.

(And in case you were wondering) Eye Creams don’t just address wrinkles and fine lines, they also help treat DARK, SUNKEN CIRCLES around and under the eyes.

**There is a CORRECT way to apply Eye Creams and Eye Gels! Click HERE to find out how to get the most out of your Eye Cream or Eye Gel!**

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