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What is the BEST make-up if you have Acne or breakout-prone skin? Make-up that actually TREATS and HEALS YOUR SKIN!!

And it is out there! Read on (or watch our video above) to find out which GOOD ingredients to look for in your make-up and which BAD ingredients to watch-out for!


Now, Acne skin is highly reactive to a lot of different ingredients and it is not the same for everyone. Different people’s skin with Acne react in different ways.

So here are some common ingredients that you want to avoid that typically are “COMEDOGENIC“.

Comedogenic means they can clog the pores.

So, the first one you want to avoid is MINERAL OIL. You want to avoid make-up with a lot of oils anyway, but if you have Acne or breakout-prone skin, Mineral Oil is one of the top ingredients to avoid.

The next one is LANOLIN. Lanolin is sheep sebum… (Pause for reaction…) It is a yellow, thick, waxy sebum that is extracted from the wool. (It’s what naturally keeps the wool soft.) For people who have extremely dry skin, they tend to like Lanolin. But for people who have breakout-prone skin or Acne, Lanolin is NOT something you want to have in your make-up.

Other ingredients that can be highly irritating to Acne skin are SYNTHETIC DYES or SYNTHETIC FRANGRANCES.

What you DO want to look for is a make-up that reduces the amount of oil on your skin but also regulates the moisture in your skin. If you have enough moisture in your skin then you won’t produce as much oil.

So, you want a make-up that reduces oil production, increases moisture retention, but the other thing you want is GREAT COVERAGE. People want to be able to cover their Acne lesions.

You want a make-up that gives you great coverage but also increases the HEALING process of the Acne lesions.

Now, some people really like “stage make-up” (which are the VERY popular brands out there…) because of the good coverage, but a lot of stage make-up have oils in them to give them that high pigment per square-inch.

The problem? They tend to clog pores.

Ideally, you want to find a MINERAL POWDER make-up. You have to be careful, though. Some mineral powders out there are mineral BLENDS and they are blended with Talc, which is HIGHLY Comedogenic. They will still clog the pores.

These mineral blend powders are appealing because they are less expensive but you want to look for something that is ALL mineral-based with NO synthetic frangrances, NO synthetic dyes, NO waxy substances, and definitely NO OILS. And obviously, you want to avoid any synthetic preservatives as well.

We like to use a product that has GERANIUM, which is a natural “Anti-Seborrheic”. It is oil-balancing and actually helps heal Eczema. It also has LAVENDER and YLANG YLANG. These are all natural anti-septics and actually lower the amount of bacteria on your skin.

This make-up regulates sebum production, regulates moisture retention, and also gives great coverage while HEALING the Acne lesions and is also anti-inflammatory. Yes, it DOES EXIST!

There is a make-up that we personally use here as well as sell to our clients. It is a PARAMEDICAL line, meaning this line you can’t get the stores. It was actually specifically designed for Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, and licensed Estheticians to use and sell, and it is for people who have Acne, maybe they have scars or post-laser peels that they want to help hide and heal. It’s called MINERAL MINE, but is it a private label that is only sold through the professionals mentioned above, but it is HIGHLY recommended! (Note: this brand is NOT sponsoring this post or video. We personally use it and sell it to our clients because it is a great product.)

The drugstore make-up brands typically, not always, but typically are mineral BLENDS. You have to be careful and look to see if they have a high amount of TALC or a high amount of corn starch (also known as ZEA MAYS). If they do, you may want to avoid them.

Hopefully this helps! Next time you’re stocking up on your favorite make-up, flip the containers over and check out those ingredients lists. Refer back to this post and keep an eye out for the ingredients you want to LOOK FOR and LOOK-OUT FOR if you have Acne or breakout-prone skin.

Keep an eye out for our next blog post!