SPF Make-Up? SPF Sunscreen? Do You Need BOTH??

SPF Make-Up? SPF Sunscreen? Do You Need BOTH??
July 13, 2017 admin

If you’re using a make-up that has SPF in it, do you need to wear an SPF moisturizer as well??

You may be diluting your SPF an not even know it!! Watch our short video or read on to make sure you’re getting the coverage and protection you THINK you are.

You may have wondered…


And the answer is… it depends!

If your LIQUID make-up has an SPF of 30 or higher, then not necessarily.

If you are just using a MINERAL-BASED POWDER FOUNDATION, that will typically have an SPF of 15. But the coverage is TOO sheer.

So, you DO need a sunscreen moisturizer if you’re just using a mineral-based powder.

If you have fair skin, if you tend to have hyperpigmentation, if your family has a history of skin cancer, then it is ALWAYS recommended that you use a moisturizer with a high SPF AND a make-up with a high SPF.

Try to get both products in the SAME amount of SPF. If you can’t, then at least have one that is a very high SPF.

For example: Try to get a moisturizer that is SPF 30 or above AND a make-up that is SPF 30 or above and you will have a high protection.

**PLEASE REMEMBER: If one of them is high, such as SPF 30, and the other is lower, such as SPF 15, you DON’T get a protection of SPF of 45! It’s actually an SPF of 17…

So, just remember to try to get equal amounts of the SPF in both products, that is your BEST bet.

Keep an eye out for our next blog post and video! We have LOTS of Summer skincare tips, tricks, and info. coming your way!