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Here are 5 steps in a stronger foundation for your skin to glow and be rejuvenated.  When your skin is at its correct pH level and freshly exfoliated, your skin has a better ability to absorb any anti aging ingredients, and moisture.

  1.  CLEANSE WITH THE CORRECT CLEANSER– Gel based cleansers are better suited for oily, break out prone, and Rosacea prone skin.  Cleansers containing surfactants that are derived from coconut or sugars are less harsh than detergent foaming agents that can dry out the skin.  For more details click here:
  2. EXFOLIATE WITH BHAS AND AHAS-   There are 3 types of exfoliants that slough away dead skin cells.

a.  PHYSICAL– SCRUBS CONTAINING beads, nutshells, seeds.  These simply take off some of the                        dead  skin cells and loosen others.  Best recommended for younger skin up to age 25.  Sensitive                        skin  should avoid any scrubs containing nut shells and seeds.  Jojoba beads are recommended                           for sensitive skin.

b.  CHEMICAL– Exfoliants that loosen dead skin cells by a keratlytic agent (eats protein).  This                           dissolves dead skin cells by using fruit acids and enzymes such as papain (from papaya) and                               Bromelain  (from pineapple) .  These can also include acids derived from sugar (glycolic),                                 fermented milk (lactic acid), salicylic acid (willow tree bark),etc.

c.  PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL–  A combination of using both.  These scrubs will contain both                         some kind of beads in a enzymatic solution to get the best of both worlds.

3.  SERUMS: (A)  Serums and Eye cream/gels – if you are using these products, this is when you                  would use it.  These products are the most expensive per its size because typically, it has the highest                concentration of  performance ingredients.  These products work best on dry, freshly exfoliated skin.              **WAIT 10 MINUTES OR WHEN SKIN IS DRY FOR NEXT STEP.  This allows for the                       product to not be diluted.

4.  TONER:  USE A TONER THAT is hydrating and balancing for your skin type. Avoid                                          toners that have a high content of alcohol.  Tip**-  Avoid toners that have to use a                                     cotton ball.  Use a spray toner.  You use less product and it is better for even distribution.

Spray 7-10 sprays.  Your face should be completely wet.  While your face is still wet, apply  your daytime/nighttime moisturizer.  This seals in the moisture.  This creates a moisture and lipid barrier which reduced oil production in oily skin and increase hydration in drier skin.

5.  AM/PM MOISTURIZER:  Use a moisturizer that contains at least 20-30 SPF  during the day and a hydrating moisturizer that DOES NOT contain sunscreen at night.  Apply this while your skin is still wet from the toner.  Applying moisturizer on damp skin prevents the product from evaporating too quickly before it is absorbed into the skin.  This is especially true in drier climates.