5 Tips to Treat DRY Summer Skin & Get Your GLOW Back!

5 Tips to Treat DRY Summer Skin & Get Your GLOW Back!
September 22, 2017 admin

Skin feeling a little DRY after a long, hot Summer? Overexposure to the sun, salt water, Chlorine, and even air conditioning can take a toll on your skin and leave it feeling dried out, dull, and damaged.

Watch our short video below or read on below for 5 STEPS to better, hydrated skin and say goodbye to that Summer dryness!

Here are a few ways to switch up your skincare products to help keep your skin hydrated during the Summer months:


If you’re using a foaming cleanser, some of the foaming agents can dry out your skin. If you’re NOT breakout-prone, try to use a cleanser that is CREAM-based. If you still prefer foaming cleansers, try to find one that uses COCO GLUCOSIDE. It is a coconut-based surfactant and a bit more gentle on the skin preventing it from drying out too much.


Make sure you are exfoliating! During the Summer, we recommend that you exfoliate night-time ONLY. This is because exfoliation can make your skin photosensitive to UV exposure. So, exfoliate at night!

(Now, the reason exfoliation is so important for treating dry skin is because it will remove the dry, dead skin cells so when you put on the hydrating serum, toner, and hydrating moisturizer, it increases your skin’s ability to absorb the hydrating ingredients and HOLD ON to the moisture.

**Did you know there are 3 different types of exfoliants? Click HERE to watch our video on the “BEST Type of Exfoliation for Your Skin” and find out which is best for YOUR skin!**


You’re going to apply the serum ALL OVER your face, but be careful not to use too much and waste the product. All you really need is 1 drop per area (forehead, cheeks, chin) and rub that all over your entire face.

(Now, depending on what type of serum you’re using, you may need to wait 5-10 minutes before going on to the next step. That way any anti-aging power ingredients will absorb completely and won’t be diluted by the next product.)


Try to find a hydrating toner that dispenses from a spray bottle. Avoid any products that have alcohol in them, they will just dry your skin even MORE. Spray the toner about 7-10 times until your face is completely saturated, and while your skin is still wet you can go on to the last step, which is…


During the day you need an SPF moisturizer so try to find one that has extra hydrating ingredients in it (since moisturizers with sunscreen tend to be a bit drying themselves). At night, use a deeply hydrating moisturizer (no SPF needed here) that aids in the recovery of your skin.

There you have it! Make a few simple adjustments to your skincare products and your dry Summer skin will be GLOWING in no time!

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