Mens Services

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Professional Waxing Services for Men

All of the professional waxing services for men are performed professionally and discretely.

All of our service technicians:

​– Wash their hands prior to every service.
– Use non-latex gloves
– Use clean wax sticks (no double dipping)
– Change sheets with every new client
– Use medical paper to cover the sheet where the client sits
– Are mystery shopped to ensure safety standards are consistent ​

We use the “feathering” method to avoid a line of demarcation for men to create a natural look.

Safe Waxing for Men/Waxing for Tattoos: We do NOT recommend waxing services for men who have taken/currently taking the following: Tetracycline, Accutane, Renova,Adapalene, Differen, or Retina A or Retinol. Please avoid any caffeine, Red Bull, alcohol, asprin a few hours PRIOR to your appointment. ​Sun Exposure, Tanning beds, and Mystic Tans are NOT recommended a few days PRIOR and few days after the service.​We recommend a waxing service at LEAST 3 days before your tattoo service.


Eyebrows 20
(includes: trimming, hot towel treatment and consultation to make sure they are “man brows”, not too thick and not too thin)

Nose (not the stick method, does not hurt) 12

Ears 12

Neck (back part) 15

Clavicle 30

Shoulders (shoulder caps or back portion) 15

Full Shoulders 35

Upper Chest (pectorals) 35

6 Pack Abs 35

Full Chest (upper chest and stomach) 60

Upper Back 35

​Lower Back​ 35

Full Back 45-60

​Half Moon​ 45

Full Moon​ 60

Biker Legs (full legs) 75+

Upper Thigh 45

​Calves 40+

Forearms 35+


Razor Sharp Facial 85
Recommmended for ingrown bumps and razor burn. Facial includes a warm or cool stone massage of arms, shoulders, and neck, deep cleansing of the pores, soothing pore-refining mask and scalp massage.

Back Detail Back Treatment 95
Recommended for men who receive back waxing services or have breakout prone skin. ​Includes steam, deep cleansing and exfoliation of the back, extractions if needed and relaxing massage.